E Ho‘i Mai Ke Aloha Hou

"It is all about love. From my heart to yours, it is all about the love. Listen to the heart of the song and know it is all about love."

E ola ola nei
E mahalo Ke Akua Nui
Kau sila

-- Lei‘ohu Ryder

  • In stores on February 10, 2004, Lei`ohu's Love Returns coincides, fittingly, with Valentine's Day. 

  • The 14 songs include 11 new originals. Several follow a cherished Hawaiian tradition of giving the gift of a song to family and friends celebrating a special occasion or place: a wedding, a 90th birthday, a visit to a family's beloved homestead in Kaupo, Maui. Love in its many forms is a theme throughout.

  • A number of Maui's finest musicians contribute their aloha and talent, helping to create a rich musical tapestry within each song.  (See song notes below.)  

  • Other composers are honored in three lovely and eloquent mele in the English language.

  • Eagerly awaited by her international following, E Ho`i Mai Ke Aloha Hou was mastered in New York City by Emily Lazar (known for her work with Putumayo World Music and a host of internationally known stellar recording artists). We believe this to be Lei's finest release to date, a joyful collection guaranteed to delight, enchant, soothe and literally elevate your spirits with its musical charm and message of aloha.

  • CD booklet includes lyrics for all songs, English translations, and Lei`ohu's thoughts and comments on each.

  • Hula dancers will be inspired to interpret these beautiful mele.  Lei's live performances often feature the captivating choreography of her cousin, kumu hula Deborah Ryder of Kona.

Song Samples

“Love Returns” – the songs:

  1. He Mele No Ku`uipo
    The wedding of dear friends, Keoki & Ewalina, was the inspiration for this mele ho`oipoipo (love song).  Lei`ohu is supported by Willy Wainwright on gypsy fiddle and Hana's Vinton Castro on steel guitar who take turns adorning the melody lines of this heartfelt and all-embracing sonnet to love.

  2. Lihau
    Words by Aunty Nina Maxwell tell of a journey to Olowalu, Maui, where the sun pierced through the gentle rains cloaking the mountains of Kahalawai.  Sarah Jane Jameson's flute adds to the sacred feel of Lei`ohu's lovely and moving vocal.

  3. Lamalama Na Keiki O Ka `Aina
    Known by fans in California as the "grandparents" song, this mele is a joyful and infectious expression of the love that spans generations.  Spirited guitar solos by Jeff Costello. 

  4. Ua Lilinoe
    Visit an enchanted forest alive with the rhythm of pahu drum, chant and Sarah Jane's haunting flute. Lei`ohu accents her melodic vocal lines with guitar; Marcus Johnson plays upright bass.  Chickenskin.

  5. My Kupuna In The Light
    Lei`ohu's students at `Iao School are honored in this song of love for the kupuna. An extended outro features  delightful interplay between autoharp, slack-key guitar, and mandolin.

  6. From A Dancer
    A beautiful composition in English by Jon Osorio and Randy Borden.  The words are an eloquent expression of comfort for those soon to be parted from loved ones, and Lei`ohu's vocal carries its message with moving emotion.  Maydeen’s `ukulele dances in and out,  providing a charming counterpoint.

  7. Na Mele O Pu`uanahulu
    A joyful "place song" for the area of Wai`ohinu in Ka`u.  Lei's spirited rhythm guitar is carried along by Jeff's complementary lead guitar and sustained by Willy's paniolo-like violin.

  8. Maua
    This mele aloha honors the Marciel homestead in Kaupo, Maui.  It features Lei`ohu's beautiful ha`i voice and an inspired cello by Michelle Romero Ancheta.  Close your eyes and take flight with the sweeping, soaring melody, among the most poignant ever of Lei's many songs.

  9. Ua Pali Kapu
    This mele speaks of sacred rains that bless the `aina with its cleansing and healing.  The slack-key styled autoharp of Hana's Bob "Lopaka" Vogele complements Lei's trademark vocals.

  10. Hawaiian Soul
    Another beautiful song by Jon Osorio and Randy Borden, it was written in memory of George Helm, a Hawaiian activist, singer and musician.  Oft recorded, Lei's bittersweet rendition is a standout version of this modern-day Hawaiian classic.

  11. Mele Inoa O Makau
    A song that honors the grandmother of a beloved friend.  The ever-so-sweet vocals are enhanced by Jonathan Ka`onohi's slack-key guitar and John Pollock’s exuberant mandolin.

  12. Kaulana No O Maui
    Famous is Maui Loa in the calm, the peace and the love.  Barry Flanagan of HAPA was inspired by Lei`ohu and this beautiful song to contribute his signature guitar styling, which dances and shines throughout this 5 minute-plus tribute to Maui.

  13. Po`olenalena
    Written on the occasion of a friend's 90th birthday, it perfectly expresses the joy of that day among family and friends.  Slack-key guitar, autoharp, mandolin and ipu lend support.

  14. Songbird
    Composed by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Lei`ohu makes it her own, backed by a trio from the cultural staff at the Ka`anapali Beach Hotel on Maui:  Sam Ako, Dee Coyle, and Roger Bright.  This delicious ballad completes and sums up the whole; love returns like never before.

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