The Hula Honeys

Girl Talk
  • A little bit sassy and altogether classy, Girl Talk demonstrates why the Hula Honeys  have become one of Maui’s most adored musical ensembles.  Popular island songs, classics from Waikiki’s golden era, and light Hawaiian jazz are blended into a captivating collection of timeless standards as well as several smart and engaging originals.  Joined by bassist Jonathan Drechsler and a host of the finest sidemen to be found anywhere, Girl Talk celebrates the music that has evolved through the collaboration of Ginger Johnson and Robyn Kneubuhl, the Hula Honeys.

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Song Samples

“Girl Talk” – the songs:

  1. Kiss Me Love
    (John K. Almeida)
    The Honeys are joined by world-class vibraphonist Emil Richards and Maui’s own Sam Ahia on acoustic guitar.  Once widely heard in Hawaiian music of the 50’s, the vibes recall that era with this contemporary version of the song written by the “Dean of Hawaiian Music,” John K. Almeida..

  2. Hana By the Bay
    (Robyn Kneubuhl)
    Robyn deftly captures the simple magic of Hana with this laid back original. Sam Ahia’s guitar is a perfect fit for this loving ode to Hana. 

  3. My Heart, Your Heart
    (Robyn and Ginger)
    Robyn and Ginger team up to write this fun and uplifting original with a bossa nova beat.  Tom Conway of Gypsy Pacific adds his dazzling guitar with Sal Godinez doing the keyboard honors. Catchy.  This song will invade your cerebral jukebox!

  4. A Maile Lei For Your Hair
    (Norman Kaye)
    Lovely and heartfelt, a true love song of Hawaii. Bobby Ingano, one of Hawaii’s finest steel guitar players, adorns this track with his delicate touch, playing only those notes that are needed.

  5. Waikiki Chickadee
    (Melvin Paoa)
    What fun we have here!  Hula Honey bassist Jonathan Drechsler sings the lead on this spirited Waikiki classic, then whistles an unplanned but charming duet with Tom Conway’s guitar in the pa`ani (musical interlude). A total accident, totally wonderful. 

  6. Beautiful Carnation
    (Bernie Ka`ai)
    This little known but beautiful song is just what the Honeys delight in finding and  making their own.  Emil Richards makes it all unforgettable with his prodigious vibes.

  7. Girl Talk
    (Neil Hefti & Bobby Troup)
    This sassy little number from a Hollywood film just seems to fit the Hula Honeys’ “other selves.”   Mike Buono whacks his snare drum and Tom Conway plays a bluesy, tom-cat inspired guitar while the Honeys get gossipy and “dish the dirt” before sweetening up.    

  8. Dream (When You’re Feeling Blue)         
    (Johnny Mercer)
    This classic is a great fit for the Hula Honeys and Bobby Ingano’s dreamy steel guitar.  Sit back and chill. 

  9. The Way You Look Tonight
    (Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields)
    Another classic and another perfect fit for the Honeys.  A last minute addition to this project, it features just the Hula Honeys and Jonathan on bass.  If you wonder what they sound like live, this is it.  Songs don’t get much cozier than this one.        

  10. I Dream About You
    (Ginger Johnson)
    Ginger says it best:  “This nutty song came from a wonderful reoccurring dream of an underwater love affair.  Emil Richards on vibes provided the bubbles.”  It’ll make you smile.

  11. Mehana I Ka La
    (Robyn & Hina Kneubuhl)
    Perhaps the most traditional song in this collection, it was written by Robyn and her daughter, Hina.  A lovely and soothing piece of music adorned by Sam Ahia’s guitar.

  12. It Don’t Mean a Thing             
    (Duke Ellington)
    Always a crowd favorite when they play live, the Honeys didn’t really think this song fit the album, but Jake lobbied for its inclusion.  Tom Conway pushes things along with his searing guitar, everybody sings. The Duke would love it! 

  13. The Lei You Made For Me
    (Ginger Johnson)
    Ginger reminds us she was born and raised in Hawaii and reaches back to remember   what it was like to receive a lei and tells us about it with double-meaning kaona, known to her but for you to guess.  The Honeys are accompanied by the sweet steel guitar of Bobby Ingano (no, he doesn’t know either).

  14. Come Away With Me
    (Robyn Kneubuhl)
    Robyn enlists Sal Godinez and Tom Conway to aid in this escape to far away places.  A fitting close to this chapter in the lives of these wonderful, musical women who call themselves the Hula Honeys.