"Were music a meal, then Pa`ina is gourmet dining, Hawaiian style."

    • This generous CD of 15 songs is truly a feast for the ears. The songs range from party favorites like `Ai Kakou and Mauna Loa to seldom recorded vintage treasures like He Aloha No `O Waianae and Lena Machado’s Holau (with an English verse given by Aunty Lena to Uncle Larry Arieta, who taught it to Ata).

    • Includes five of Ata’s own compositions, two of which honor his home-town, Wailuku, Maui. His great aloha for Ni`ihau and its community is expressed in Aia Ni`ihau and Nani Wale E Pakala. The originals stand alongside the classics in timeless fashion.

    • Ata’s vocals and arrangements have fully matured in this collection. His Pua `Ahihi and He Nani Helena are expressive and melting, Palolo and Kumukahi are spirited, and Green Rose Hula is fresh and innovative.

    • A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Ata plays all of the rhythm instruments, much of the lead (piano, ukulele, guitar) and all of the bass on his celebrated and battered 100-year-old upright bass with its weed-whip-chord strings. He is ably assisted by steel guitarists Dwight Tokumoto, Vinton Castro, and Charlie Kealoha Fukuba, and guitarists Jonathon Ka`onohi and Jeff Costello. Cody Pueo Pata, Kaiolohia Funes Smith, and the Na Leo Malu Trio add some backing vocals.

    • Ata is well-known for the 1997 Valley Boys CD and the 2001 Hoku-nominated Hawaiian gospel collection From the Valley to the Throne. Pa`ina shows early signs of being his most successful CD yet.

    • The recording of Pa`ina was as memorable as the result. Friends and fellow musicians stopped by on an almost daily basis. Lunch break on the front porch at Ulu Loa was a time for stories and memories of the many legends of Hawaiian music that Ata learned from. We all dined on the richness of Pa`ina and now serve it up to you!
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Song Samples

“Pa`ina” – the songs:

  1. He Aloha No `O Waianae
    Ata pays tribute to music mentor Uncle Larry Arieta is this exuberant song about O`ahu’s Waianae Coast and community.

  2. Nani Wale E Pakala
    Pakala is the Kaua`i coastal community that provides boat service to Ni`ihau. It is also the home place of Aunty Momi Kaohelauli`i, for whom Ata wrote and dedicates this song.

  3. Mauna Loa
    Helen Lindsey Parker’s classic party and hula favorite -- this kolohe song has several interpretations!

  4. Holau
    Ata’s vocals are perfectly suited for this Lena Machado composition. It includes a never before recorded English verse given by Lena to Uncle Larry Arieta. The song’s soulfulness is enhanced by backing vocals by Na Leo Malu Trio.

  5. `Ai Kakou
    A raucous tribute to eating!

  6. My Lovely Flower
    The only English-language song on the CD, this is George Ka`apana’s song for his wife Tina.

  7. He `Aina Kona
    Ata co-wrote this song with Uncle Larry Arieta several years ago, and Aunty Nona Kaluhiokalani’s halau won a competition with their hula to it.

  8. Green Rose Hula
    Ata’s uke sounds like a mandolin, and the alternating minor and major keys represent a romantic ?duel? between the lovers.

  9. Pua `Ahihi
    A Mary Kawena Puku`i/Maddy Lam classic that Ata delivers with chills and chicken skin.

  10. Hanohano No Wailuku
    A recent Ata composition, it debuted at the 2002 Keiki Hula Competition in Honolulu by dancers from Pukalani Hula Hale.

  11. Aia Ni`ihau
    Ata expresses his aloha for Ni`ihau in this moving mele.

  12. Kumukahi
    A spirited song for the easternmost `aina of the Big Island.

  13. He Nani Helena
    Heartfelt and expressive, Hawaiian falsetto at its best.

  14. Palolo
    A Charles King composition and favorite of Lena Machado’s.

  15. Na Wehi O Wailuku
    Ata’s near-reverent song of aloha and gratitude to his home, Wailuku, Maui, provides a moving end to the feast.

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