From the Valley to the Throne

"If you would know the full beauty of a hymn, hear it in Hawaiian."

-- Emma Lyons Doyle, granddaughter of the Reverend Lorenzo Lyons (Makua Laiana)

  • This is the CD that Ata’s family, friends, and fans have waited for, a legacy of gospel hymns collected and in turn shared by his grandfather, the Reverend ChuHing, as he traveled and preached the gospel around the Hawaiian islands.

  • Charming liner notes written by Ata and his mother recreate the fellowship in which these songs were shared.

  • The recording sessions were magical. Prior to striking the first chord of his opening song, Ata remarked that he could " . . . feel the presence of God."

  • Each master vocal track was done in a single take, and arrangements unfolded flawlessly as Ata picked up each instrument in turn.

  • The songs range from contemporary favorites popular among youth today to favorite Hawaiian gospel standards and traditional-style hymns. Several, including the Reverend’s own composition, "He Nani No," have never been recorded before.

  • From the Valley to the Throne was nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano Award in the Religious Album of the Year category by the members of the Hawaii Academy of Recording Artists.

  • KCRW Public Radio, 89.9 FM (Los Angeles), selected From the Valley to the Throne for their membership gift-pack during their 2001 pledge drive.

  • The appeal of this CD goes beyond a Christian audience to anyone who loves Hawaiian music and culture. Whatever the listener’s personal beliefs, the songs will touch, inspire and comfort while sharing the legacy of this Hawaiian family.
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Song Samples

  “From The Valley to The Throne” – the songs:
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  1. Pule Kakou
    Opening prayer.

  2. ‘Ike ‘Oe
    (Do You Know My Jesus) –
    English & Hawaiian lyrics; heartfelt and moving. Ata’s rich tenor slips in and out of a honeyed falsetto.

  3. Iesu No Ke Kahuhipa
    (Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us) –
    Ata’s exquisite rendition breathes new life into this 200-year-old Hawaiian standard.

  4. Take Me Back
    Uptempo/contemporary favorite written by Andrae Crouch; Ata’s classic Hawaiian piano accompaniment is reminiscent of the best Baptist-gospel playing.

  5. He Punawai I Weheia’e
    (Glorious Fountain) –
    Waltz-time Hawaiian standard with stirring chorus that flows with joy and emotion.

  6. I Didn’t Think It Could Be
    (Somebody Told Me) –
    Contemporary favorite written by Andrae Crouch; infectious and pop-like.

  7. Oh, How I Love Jesus/’Ihi’ihi ‘O ‘Iehova
    Stunning medley, breath-takingly beautiful as Ata transitions to falsetto in the second of the songs; a showcase for Ata’s unique abilities on standup bass.

  8. He Nani No
    Original composition of Ata’s grandfather, the Rev. ChuHing, Martha Kanahele and Momi Kaohelaulii; never before recorded; classic-spirited sound of old Hawaii.

  9. Jesus Use Me
    Old-time favorite with a chorus to bring tears.

  10. ‘O ‘Iehova
    Joyous, moving and upbeat! Hawaiian lyrics.

  11. Sheltered in the Arms of God
    A song that soothes and comforts; Ata’s organ accompaniment perfectly complements song and voice.

  12. Lord Help Me Walk
    Uptempo/contemporary sound.

  13. He Akua Hemolele
    (God Is Holy) –

    Acappella, with compelling drumbeats that call the flock to worship.

  14. I Just Came to Talk With You Lord
    Thoughtful English lyrics with a lovely falsetto chorus over ukulele, guitar and bass accompaniment.

  15. Without a Mother, Without a Father
    Unusual in this collection, an almost jazzy piano with saucy, liquid vocals.

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