Ululoa is a star that appears during the month of Mahoe-Mua (July). Mahoe-Mua is the first of the twin months. In this piece the upper circle and outer shapes form a person with arms holding the star Ululoa. So the whole piece represents Ululoa in the arms of the first twin, Mahoe-Mua, much like the inspiration and innovation you share with the recording artists while they are in the company’s arms.

Kuha`o Zane

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Ululoa is situated on the slopes of Haleakala in Haiku, Maui, and embodies the things represented by our logo. In addition to our home and the bounty of its land, it is home to Ulu Loa Studio and Ululoa Productions. Together with the artists, Ulu Loa is a family dedicated to producing quality Hawaiian music that honors tradition and culture and speaks to the heart.

Ulu Loa is the name given our home by friend, recording artist and spiritualist Lei’ohu Ryder. Ulu translates as growth, increase, spreading; to protect, nurture; inspired by the spirits as for artistic creation. Loa is long, distant, sweeping, height, far, permanent. Ululoa is the star featured in our logo.

- Laurie & Jake Rohrer

What's New:

Journey of Light...The Early Years
December, 2011

No Ku`uipo
July, 2011
2011 Hoku Award Finalist
Best Compilation Album

Somewhere Up Ahead
Somewhere Up Ahead
2011 Hoku Award Winner,
Best Religious Album

Congratulations, Ata, from two of your biggest fans, Laurie
Rohrer (L) and KPOA's Morning Goddess Alaka`i Paleka (R)

News & Events - Performance Schedule
Hear the music of Ululoa artists live at the following establishments (please confirm – schedules change):

Ahumanu:  Grand Wailea Resort, Wailea, Maui, Sunday Brunch. 808-875-1234. Stella Blues Cafe, Kihei. Fridays 4-6 PM 874-3779.

Hula Honeys:  Hana Hou Cafe & Restaurant, Ha`iku, Maui. Mondays 6-8:30 PM. 808-575-2661. 

Kaiolohia Smith:  Hotel Hana-Maui. Sundays 6-8 PM. 808-248-8211.

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